What are the signs of Mental Health?

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Signs of Good Mental Health

Signs of good mental health include the ability to function effectively with activities of daily living. This is across a range of environments/settings including work, education, social situations and at home. The individual is able to form healthy relationships. This results in adaptive behaviour and the ability to cope with change and adversity.

Signs of Mental Illness

Mental disorders can be defined as a group of health conditions which involve changes in emotion, thinking or behaviour. There can be a combination of these aforementioned changes. They are associated with distress and cause problems with functioning in social, work and family activities. Family or friends may recognise changes in the person’s mood or behaviour which cause them concern. Should these problems arise then the person may benefit from professional support.

If you suspect you may be suffering from potential mental health symptoms then please don't delay and book a private secure consultation with our clinicians today. It is best to act fast for the best treatment. Book Online | Mind Doctor (mind-doctor.co.uk) for emergency situations please visit The NHS website - NHS (www.nhs.uk).


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